Whether you are a customer running a fleet of trucks or a business who relies on a single truck the same thoughts apply when looking at improving operations.

”How do I improve my operation, become more efficient and save money.”

At Sumo we work with customers every day trying to get that question answered for them. In the past we worked with 3PL who were  looking to offer customers a better warehousing and transportation system, for companies of this status the cost of monthly damage figures and the impact it has on running costs can be the difference between keeping that contract or losing it to a competitor.

We have also helped DIY retailers who are looking at the Health and Safety implications of Fork Trucks being in the same area as pedestrians in store.

From Chemical companies to Food producers, Pet food suppliers to Electrical equipment wholesaler one thing that they all have in common is their product is moved by a Forklift truck at some point through its life cycle and therefore liable to be damaged.

Below are some comments that have been made by our customers.

"We have been using the SafeFork Impact Reduction System since the middle of 2008 and have effectively reduce fork tip damage to our products to Zero. Damage caused by fork tip damage used to equate to an average of £400 per incident, so by fitting the SafeFork product they pay for themselves every time they are used"

Roger Rustom MIIRSM | Health & Safety Adviser | Kodak Limited


We trial fitted three sets of Sumo gloves on our busiest Fork Lift Trucks and found that stab damage reduced by almost £1000 a week. So we had our maintenance staff trained in fitting gloves, and now hold Sumo gloves as stock items.

If you have a need to reduce stab and drag damage, or have better visibility of the fork ends, or need to push items carefully, then I would say try them for yourselves and just reap the benefits."

Mr A. Stokes - Former Production Engineer for Howden Joineries.


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