Here at SumoGlove we realise that  a good return on investment is of critical importance when deciding upon the introduction of a new technology. With this in mind we are pleased to report that both our impact reduction systems offer an ROI that is hard to ignore.  

At this point, it might be pertinent to mention that how each company manages their individual operation also has an impact upon overall results. As with all things, some people do not like change and the Glove can be seen as a negative entry into the workplace.

For reference here is a customers internal report on the ROI of the Glove, although their drivers were initially defensive about the Glove being introduced, as they saw it as a comment on their driving skills rather than an accidental damage reduction measure, we are pleased to report that they have now accepted the Glove, which are now no longer being replaced as often and the ROI has improved from the original 2 days.  

Internal report on SUMO Glove ROI

The Sumo gloves have been not replaced on the Canopy 3 goods receipt truck for the last 4 weeks to see how door damage faired.

Audit of uncovered fire door pallets showed that 35 door pallets had no damage(94.5% pallets no damage), 2 door pallets had one door on each stab damaged (5.4% pallets had damage)

This is 1 in 20 of door pallets delivered and inside are stab damaged. As there are 38 pallets on a typical delivery, we would expect to damage 2 per delivery!

On the costing side then payback is 2 days.

The gloves save approx. £967/week (see below), cost £350 to fit, so net saving is £5 453 per set (6 weeks). Or £43 624 per set per year internal damage.

From this, it is most sensible if the Sumo gloves are refitted, and we try to minimise the heavy impacts & scraping on the floor to make them last longer.

Every situation is different but the provable fact remains that, when implementing cost reduction measures, it is essential that the companies spend is recouped as swiftly as possible. SumoGlove/SafeFork offers real cost savings on damage in the workplace, which will in turn pay for the costs of it's introduction within hours, days, or weeks, depending upon how it is managed.

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